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Welcome to our website.

Our attention to service and quality has made us an industry leader. At our company, the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations.


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We Eradicate Excuses. We Get Rid of The Buts In Your Life.
We Eradicate Excuses. We Get Rid of The Buts In Your Life.


Kickingbut is not something you say.

Kickingbut is not something you do.

Kickingbut is not somewhere you go.

And kickingbut is not something you consume.

KickingBUT is something you are.

KickingBUT is not just an attitude,

KickingBUT is a way of life.

QUESTION: Have you ever felt like your back was against the wall?

QUESTION: have you ever felt alone, week, afraid, lost, or anything else like this?

QUESTION: Have you ever wanted to break through whatever barrier it is that is holding you back, that hold you down, or that keeps you from being all you can be?

CONGRATULATIONS! Because you're ready


Notice I said kick But. Not butt – BUT!

What's a but?

A but is something that stops you.

Not a concrete wall, not a ravine or crevice, and did not an invisible force field like in a science-fiction movie.

No! A “but” is much more powerful.

A but can stop you and you wouldn't even know it!

But I’m too fat.

But I’m too thin.

But I’m too tall.

But I’m too short.

But I’m too broke.

But I’m too stupid.

But I’m uneducated.

But I’ve done good things.

But I’ve done bad things.

But it hurts.

But I’m weak.

But I can’t.

But I won’t.



STOP with the BUTs Already!

Look, I’m not saying anything is easy. It’s not easy. Whether you are disabled or fully-abled - life is not easy.

But I’ve done it.

I’ve gone through the fires and traversed the gauntlet. I have the scars to show how hard it is. You don’t need to have your scars. Let me show you another way.

KickingBUT.com is a place where you can come and learn exactly how to live a breakthrough/amazing/kickBUT life. This is not for the weak of heart this is not for the quitter.

This site and channel, this process of kicking “buts” out of your life is for those who see that there are ways of living powerfully beyond their current facility.

KickingBUT.com is a place where excuses are crushed, where reasons are extinguished, and where your inner champion is about to emerge.

Look, things are going to come up. Stuff (also known as "s***" is going to happen. There simply is nothing we can do about it. It is called life. And the process of life is to sift through the s*** to get to the gold.

The question really comes down to, what are you going to let stop you?

Bestselling author of Secrets of The Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker says how you do anything is how you do everything. So if you're letting a problem, an obstacle, a barrier, a situation, a circumstance, or a disability stop you in one area of your life, ask, "Where else is it stopping me?"

Usually we can't even see it.

It's called a blind spot. It's so subtle, but it stops us in everything we do. Or more precisely, it stops us in everything in which we get stopped.

Your job and our mission is for you to be totally and unabashedly unstoppable.

Through videos, articles, reports, interviews, technology, and other means of media KickingBUT.com is about to deliver to you everything you need to eliminate the Buts in your life.

No more buts! KickingBUT.com.

For more information on KickingBUT.com, phone 818-441-9288, or e-mail Mike@KickingBUT.com.

Mission Statement: to facilitate people with disabilities of any kind to eradicate the buts in their lives.

Some important facts about KickingBUT.com:

>KickingBUT.com is provided free.

>KickingBUT.com provides expertise obtained from an adult American man disabled since the age of 5 who has developed thousands of unique and powerful strategies and techniques for living an amazing life with a disability.

> KickingBUT.com cannot address all specific disabilities, or issues specific to any one individual, but after 43+ years living, thriving, and succeeding with and despite multiple disabilities, I have ascertained a great many commonalities and consistencies of all disabilities, injuries, and illnesses.

It is this that is brought fully to KickingBUT.com.

> KickingBUT.com is not for lazy people. While it is entertaining and often times amusing, the sole purpose for this site and channel is:

*to eliminate and eradicate the buts, excuses, and limitations associated with disabilities, and to open doors to new ways of powerful living.

While KickingBUT.com is not exclusively for the disabled, it is designed specifically with the disabled in mind. That being said, anyone open to change, opportunity, growth, and transformation is welcome.


My hope is that by creating this unique space of support, information, media, and technology that a community and interactive dialogue will be born not only for people with disabilities, but for anyone anywhere facing an obstacle in their life.

Michael J. Herman

A foot is what you stand on. A footer is what you use to Kick BUTs!
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A foot is what you stand on. A footer is what you use to Kick BUTs!